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Translation into every language

You are good at what you do, right? Your products and services are the best in class, or headed there, and you now want to take them to new territories, to new customers in new countries, who will generate new revenue and growth, correct?  ‎
Imagine that the words used for announcing your news in new countries are incorrect. ‎Imagine that the text describing your company in Portuguese, Japanese, or Russian was translated into the target language full of errors, sloppily, and even included crudities and disrespect for the local culture. ‎
Imagine that your brand, which you developed and fostered for years, turns into a joke; that the execs in the board room in New York or Rio de Janeiro exchange embarrassed looks without you knowing why. Bad translation can frustrate entry into an entire market, torpedo an investment, wreck a potential partnership, or lose a tender or desirable project. ‎
Translating into a language that you do not speak is a frightening business, and moreover, a real business risk that is liable to severely harm your ambitions for growth. ‎Do yourselves a favor – let us handle it:‎ whether it's English or Catalan, Brazilian Portuguese or Indonesian, Russian, or French. We know all about it and will do the best job for you. ‎
And you – you go on doing what you do best, with peace of mind.


Do you need to translate software? ‎ A tech manual? ‎ A guidebook? ‎ Or simple or complex website?‎ That is why we are here. ‎ Localizing texts is more than just translation: ‎we ensure that your products and services fit the language and culture of the target audience – ‎ that the headlines make sense, the names don't sound ridiculous, the currencies and measurements are converted accurately, if needed, and that the guy in Dubai in your marketing text doesn't have a beer; ‎ that everything is precisely tailored to your target audience. ‎
We are already handling projects to adapt content to dozens of languages, and we manage worldwide teams of the best experts who will ensure that your products and services are translated perfectly – whether in Siberia and Malaysia, Argentina, or South Silesia.

Translating apps

Have you developed the perfect application? ‎Imagine your target audience downloading this wonderful app, but having no idea what it does or how to operate it, or – God help you – there are gross cultural mistakes that will insult your potential users.‎
Translating apps is complex busines. ‎It requires technological and business knowhow, the ability to tackle short and long texts, and pricing the work fairly, while being able to respond in real time, because the developer needs you right now. ‎
So let us help you and make sure that your app sounds in Czech or French just as it sounds in Hebrew and English – natural, flowing, and accurate. ‎ Let us save you faux pas and needless business glitches – making sure that your customers understand the app and benefit from it. ‎
All you have to do is write the app, ‎ we’ll do the rest.‎


Content is king and absolutely everyone wants their own content. The problem with content is that in order to create it requires things that are not found in abundance, such as originality and creativity.
Fortunately, we have acquired a measure of these, and we now use them for the benefit of our clients,‎ making it possible for us to plan and create original material for enterprises of every kind. ‎In addition to strategic thinking and decades of accumulated experience working with hundreds of clients, we provide writing, editing, and proofreading skills without peer. ‎ We are so good that we even teach writing.
Tsafrir has given his highly popular Effective Writing Workshops in some of the top organizations in Israel and worldwide, including the Israeli military, the Tel Aviv municipality, Ikea, Kimberly Clark, Menorah Mivtahim, and more. ‎
In short, it doesn't matter what you need the content for – Facebook, LinkedIn, a website or blog, an ad or internal needs – we are here to help you.‎
Contact us, ‎even during the siesta :)

Effective Writing Workshops

Tsafrir Bashan, the author of the book Creative Writing, is a sought-after speaker for effective writing at enterprises. ‎Tsafrir is a pioneer and founder of the field in Israel, helping enterprises (and people!) ‎ improve their internal and external communications skills, reporting, and processes through better writing (and clearer thinking!) ‎at every level.‎
The Effective Writing Workshops are tailored to the specific needs of each department at every enterprise, and are based on preparatory discussions with the department heads, counselors, and human resource people.
‎Our workshop clients include the Israeli military, the Tel Aviv municipality, Ikea, Kimberly Clark, Menorah Mivtahim, and many people who now write better than ever.