Ella Bashan

Like many good things, our agency was opened by chance: someone who knew our work at Israel’s leading dailies (Yediot Ahronot, Globes, and Haaretz) asked us to translate a book on economics. ‎That is how our agency was born. In 2007 we founded Bashan Translations, which has subsequently grown only by word-of-mouth, and today serves scores of clients on every continent.‎

We have one hard and fast rule about translation and localization: we use the best professionals in the world. That is why so many multinationals have become clients of our agency and why huge corporations and start ups alike hire us every day to undertake translation and localization of apps, websites, and a slew of other texts. ‎ Over the years, we have amassed expertise in a wide range of industries:‎ finance, media, technology, marketing, law and accounting, entertainment and television, education and teaching systems, academic literature, research, and translation for Jewish organizations worldwide.‎

We have also secured a reputation as an agency that has saved clients who used less professional translators, even when time is pressing and the deadline was yesterday.‎

In addition, we offer complementary content services, including Tsafrir’s highly popular writing workshops, marketing content advice, writing, editing and proofreading, with some of the world’s best-known multinationals as our clients. ‎ We are against saying it out loud too often, but here too, we are especially good :)


Ella Bashan

Founder & CTO

Tsafrir Bashan